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Through flexible lines of credit to help better manage cash flow

Your goal is to be the best in your field. Allow us to help you grow your practice using our customized solutions built specifically for who — and where — you are in your career. We tailor our offerings to every stage of a doctor’s career lifecycle.

Early Stage Needs

Whether you’re graduating from medical school or finishing up your residency, Fortis Bank has solutions that can help you buy a first home, relocate or purchase a car, home furnishings or other essentials.


  • Fortis Mortgage Medical Lending Fortis Mortgage Medical Lending
    • Close up to 60 days before start date
    • Allows for MDPC Physicians to purchase home before filing taxes
  • ForMed Loan ForMed Loan
    • $100,000 Unsecured Loan
    • Can be used for down payment when using a Fortis Medical Mortgage Loan
    • First 2 years interest only
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Practice/Partner Needs

At this stage, you’re a few years into your career and likely have evolving financial needs, like wanting to buy into your practice or needing a construction loan for a new home. Fortis Bank has the right solutions to match your needs.


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Established Doctor Needs

If you’ve been in your practice for longer than three years, chances are your financial needs are a bit more complex. Fortis Bank has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a mortgage for larger home, a line of credit for personal or business needs, wanting to finance practice or equipment upgrades, or need a commercial real estate loan, we can help.


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